UFC 193 Washup – How did my analysis fare against reality?


A few days have passed since Holly Holm pulled off the unthinkable and annihilated Ronda Rousey. Having a bit of time to reconcile the monumental shift in the UFC landscape helps to put context back in some kind of order.

As ground shattering as this moment was it doesn’t quite erase a pretty solid night of fights, Jedrzejczyk fended off the game Letourneau, Hunt closed the chapter on ‘Big Foot’ Silva, Rob Whittaker took a big step toward UFC legitimacy, and a host of up and coming Aussie talents looked like they belonged against well matched, decent opposition.

For this UFC event I thought I would take my nerdy statistical eye and apply it to the main card fights. I even went so far as to hazard a guess at the outcomes. So, how did I do? Did the fighter’s performances match the great big bag of statistical information they carry with them? Continue reading “UFC 193 Washup – How did my analysis fare against reality?”

UFC 193 Main Card Analysis – Rousey v Holm

In the leadup to UFC 193 I will analyse the main card matchups, before weighing in with some good old fashioned prognostication.

What do is take a look at all of the available statistics on both fighters, from the records of their career opponents to their in cage performances, to try and work out their relative strengths and weaknesses.

With this analysis I hope to look beyond the hype of each fighter to determine what they might do come fight night, and who might win. Continue reading “UFC 193 Main Card Analysis – Rousey v Holm”